Catalyst coated membrane, method of manufacturing membrane electrode assembly containing the same and fuel cell using membrane electrode assembly



【課題】電極触媒層の触媒の活性を最大限に発揮して単位電池の性能を向上させうる触媒被覆膜、これを含む膜電極接合体、その製造方法及び該膜電極接合体を利用して膜電極組立体を備えて出力密度及び出力電圧性能が改善された燃料電池を提供する。 【解決手段】非担持触媒を含む第1触媒層と担持触媒を含む第2触媒層とを有するアノード触媒層と、担持触媒を含むカソード触媒層と、アノード触媒層とカソード触媒層との間に介在された電解質膜とを備え、アノード触媒層の第1触媒層が電解質膜に隣接するように配置されることを特徴とする触媒被覆膜(CCM)、これを含む膜電極接合体、及びその製造方法及び膜電極組立体を備える燃料電池である。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a catalyst coated membrane which can improve unit cell performance by exercising to a maximum extent activeness of a catalyst of an electrode catalyst layer and a membrane electrode assembly and its manufacturing method, and provide a fuel cell equipped with the membrane electrode assembly to obtain an improved output density and improved output voltage performance. SOLUTION: The catalyst coated membrane (CCM) is provided with an anode catalyst layer composed of a first catalyst layer containing a non-carrying catalyst and a second catalyst layer containing a carrying catalyst, a cathode catalyst layer containing a carrying catalyst and an electrolyte membrane arranged between the anode catalyst layer and the cathode catalyst layer, and the first catalyst layer of the anode catalyst layer is arranged neighboring the electrolyte membrane. The membrane electrode assembly containing the above membrane and its manufacturing method and a fuel cell having the membrane electrode assembly are provided. COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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